A Story of Twins Who Went By means of Dr. Mengele’s Experiments in Auschwitz and Stayed Alive

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Eva Mozes Kor is a woman with an extremely tough destiny who went by way of all the terrors of the Auschwitz concentration camp but located the strength to live on. She is 85 now and is active on Facebook and Twitter, she travels about the globe, acts in documentary motion pictures, writes books, and even established a museum committed to the history of Nazi experiments.

Vibrant Side was struck by Eva’s destiny and is going to share the most impressive moments of the story of a girl whose will to live turned out to be stronger than she ever imagined.


Eva Mozes was born in Romania to a Jewish loved ones. She had 2 older sisters, Edit and Aliz, and a twin-sister, Miriam.

Eva (to the left ) and her twin sister Miriam, 1935

In May 1944, the complete loved ones was sent to Auschwitz. They traveled for 4 days on an overcrowded train that was previously utilised for transporting cattle. When Eva’s loved ones arrived at the concentration camp, the warden asked her mother regardless of whether her daughters had been twins. Soon after getting a positive reply, the girls had been pulled out of their mother’s arms and taken to a separate shelter. Eva and Miriam by no means discovered the additional destiny of their parents and sisters. The final time the twins saw their parents and sisters was at the “farewell platform” in Auschwitz.

The “farewell platform” in Auschwitz

The experiments of the Angel of Death

The twin phenomenon excited several Nazi medical doctors, which includes the cruelest physician in Auschwitz, Josef Mengele. He was even named the “Angel of Death.” There had been about 1,500 twins like Eva and Miriam in Auschwitz, and no more than 300 survived. Tens of thousands of people became the victims of Mengele’s horrifying experiments. The physician had an exceptionally scientific interest in twins since he wanted to increase the birth price amongst Aryan females. He also wanted to find out how numerous illnesses impact the human physique. To do this, Josef Mengele would inject a deadly virus into one particular of the twins and would later evaluate the final results with their wholesome brother or sister. Also, he would supervise experiments on changing their eye colour with the aid of injecting numerous chemical compounds into their eyes, as well as experiments exactly where he tried to create Siamese twins artificially.

Eva (to the correct) and Miriam, 1949

Eva and Miriam had been subjected to various examinations and genetic experiments. According to Eva’s memories, as soon as she was separated from her sister and taken to the lab exactly where they took a lot of blood from her left hand, and produced a number of injections to her correct one particular. Soon after that she had a terrible fever, her arms and legs got swollen, and her physique was covered with red spots. At that moment Josef Mengele mentioned she had only 2 weeks left to live. But somehow she managed to survive and she was taken back to the shelter exactly where her sister was living.

Sadly, Mengele escaped from Germany to Latin America following the war and wasn’t subjected to any type of punishment.


Eva and Miriam in the course of the liberation from Auschwitz, January 27, 1945

On the 27th of January, 1945, one particular of the hostages of the concentration camp burst into the shelter exactly where the sisters had been staying shouting, “We are cost-free!” The girls ran to the street and saw smiling individuals in white camouflage — they had been hugging the hostages and providing out chocolate and cookies to them. These had been the soldiers of the Red Army.

The soldiers of the red army freeing the prisoners of the camp

Soon after becoming freed, the 11-year-old girls had been placed in the custody of nuns. As Eva recollects, the nuns would give a lot of toys to the girls, but the girls had been no longer in a position to play — their childhood had completed in Auschwitz forever.

Soon after that, the sisters returned house to their port village in Romania, but their house was empty and vandalized. Eva says it was the saddest day in her life since she was hoping that an individual from her loved ones was nevertheless alive and that they would’ve returned house.

Life following Auschwitz

In 1950, when Eva and Miriam were 16, they got permission to migrate to Israel and settled down in the city of Haifa. Each girls also served in the Israeli army.

Eva and Miriam following becoming freed

In 1960, Eva Mozes married an American man named Michael Kor who was also a Holocaust survivor. The couple moved to the USA and had 2 kids — Alex and Rina. There Eva began to work as a real estate agent.

Eva Mozes Kor with her son Alex, 2019

For the rest of her life, Miriam suffered from a kidney illness that was triggered by the experiments held on her in childhood. And even though Eva had donated one particular of her kidneys to her sister, Miriam died in 1993. She was 59 years old at the time.

2 years following her sister’s death, Eva Mozes Kor established the CANDLES museum committed to the history of Nazi experiments on kids. The acronym stands for “Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors.”

Nowadays Eva is actively engaged in educational activities, lectures, and guiding tours. Kor has published 2 autobiographical books and acted in several documentaries.

Eva Kor at the premier of a documentary film, 2014

In 2007, Eva Mozes Kor worked with Indiana lawmakers to get a law passed that demands a review of the Holocaust in high schools.

Eva Mozes Kor in the course of a lecture, 2019


Eva Kor displaying her camp quantity A-7063

Soon after her sister’s death, Eva produced her way toward liberation, forgiveness, and healing.

In April 2015, Kor went to Germany to testify at the trial of the former Nazi, Oskar Gröning. In the course of the trial, Eva went up to Gröning and hugged him. She says that she felt she had the energy to forgive and can use it in whatever way she desires. Forgiveness produced her stronger, helped her to cross out some terrible memories, and released her from her tragic previous.

Eva Mozes Kor and Oskar Gröning, 2015

Provided the scale of Nazi crimes, Eva’s declaration triggered a mixed reaction. She replies to critics saying that she has been convinced more than her extended life that absolutely nothing great has ever come from malice or cruelty. That is why any act of kindness wins more than anger.

In 2016, Eva Mozes Kor became the principal heroine of a British documentary film titled The Girl Who Forgave the Nazis.

Final year Ted Green Films released a documentary film named Eva.

Eva documentary poster, 2018

Do you consider that there are factors that do not deserve forgiveness? We would be glad to read your opinion in the comments!